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It was opening day at Tintura Color Salon.  Doris, after working many years at a salon decided to open up her own salon in Upland off of Mountain Ave. called Tintura Salon.  Now about a year later the doors have been opened for her to now open yet another salon in Claremont, Tintura Color Salon.  The salon opened last Saturday May 8th.  I was so blessed to be a part of taking pictures on this day.  There were snacks, free hair cuts, and give aways.  It was an awesome event and I was so thankful to be a part of this day!

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0001 blog copy.jpg

0010 copy.jpg
0018 copy.jpg

0040 copy.jpg0041 copy.jpg

0046 copy.jpg
0044 copy.jpg0045 copy.jpg0047 copy.jpg0052 copy.jpg0056 copy.jpg

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I had such a fun time photographing this beautiful family.  We had a little fun with balloons and bubbles. 

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Ms. Becca you did such a great job and I love the song!!

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My husband who I love and cherish.  All that he does for us I appreciate tremendously.  I know sometimes I don't express how much I do appreciate him.  His love for his family and his devotion to our Lord Jesus.  I thank God for giving me a husband as patient and as loving as he is. 

I decided to blog about what he loves most... his children.  He always talks about how he loves to see his children eat... It is the simplest thing that most people do everyday but my husband truly enjoys to see his children eat.  We first went to get pizza which that is all of the kids favorite and followed by my oldest daughters favorite place for dessert... frozen yogurt.  It doesn't matter what kind of frozen yogurt she just loves her frozen yogurt!

So this is for you babe!  I love you and all you do.

lred-7917 copy.jpg

My delicious salad... was so tasty.   I absolutely love Creamy Italian dressing.

lred-7926 copy.jpg 
Our precious Anya... so sweet but sometimes has a slight problem being obedient.

lred-7923 copy.jpg

Emily a joy, but always so serious.
lred-7934 copy.jpg

lred-7922 copy.jpg

Our little Man Jeriah, always so impatient for food when he's hungry HE'S HUNGRY... takes after his Papi.  Here he just got done crying for his pizza and finally gave up and is laying on the bench waiting so impatiently. 

lred-7933 copy.jpg

                                         Serious about their PIZZA
lred-7945 copy.jpg

lred-7936 copy.jpg

                        Now content because he has had some nourishment!
                                                  On to the outdoors!
lred-7957 copy.jpg

lred-8032 copy.jpg
lred-8034 copy.jpg

lred-8038 copy.jpg

lred-8041 copy.jpg

               And now for some frozen Yogurt!!!!!

lred-7987 copy.jpg

Anastasja decided before we even got there that she wanted chocolate one so this was hers.

lred-7993 copy.jpg

Emily always trying to be healthy decided she wanted a berry flavor one with lots of fruit.

lred-7994 copy.jpg

                   They were so excited to get their frozen yogurts!!!
Oh where's Jeriah's ... well he gets to share but as long as he has his own spoon he is happy!

lred-7999 copy.jpg
lred-8017 copy.jpg
lred-8024 copy.jpg

This then concluded our day out... now time for naps... Anastasja's favorite... HA!  Thanks to my husband for making it possible for me to be home with the kids and just doing and being all he can for us.  We love you and all you do for us!
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I had the opportunity to shoot some head shots of an upcoming theater program put together my HOPE Theater.  Here are HOPE theaters 2010 "Heidi" cast members.

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This is an updated maternity shoot of one of my clients.  She wanted one shoot before her baby shower and one just before the arrival of baby Ezekiel.

Slide show click here Maternity shoot take TWO

000001 copy.jpg0001 copy.jpg007 copy.jpg008 copy.jpg013 copy.jpg016 copy.jpg028 copy.jpg020 copy.jpg026 copy.jpg030 copy.jpg039 copy.jpg

019 copy.jpg

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